Hawa Yahia Mire is a critical and creative writer.

Hawa is a critical writer, commentator and columnist with Ricochet Media that has been featured on Macleans, Briarpatch Magazine, Metro Morning, CBC, CityTV, Rabble among others.  Her creative writing exists in the blurry spaces between oral tradition and the written word, autobiography and myth, past and present, ancestry and spirit.  In April 2015 she co-edited a special issue journal for the Canadian Council for Policy Alternatives's Our Schools, Our Selves titled Constellations of Black Radical Imagining: Black Arts and Popular Education. Her short story series Black Woman, Everybody's Healer was long listed in 2015 for the Jalada African Literature Prize, and is currently in the process of being written as a book-length manuscript.


Hawa Yahia Mire is an academic and scholar.

HY Mire holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from York University where her research was preoccupied with storytelling as a site of social-boundary making. She was previously the co-editor of MAANDEEQ, a collective of young Somali-demics from diverse fields who write about the Somali territories and the Somali diaspora. Her key areas of interest include: oral histories; African feminisms; decolonial knowledge production, Somali diasporas; transnationalisms; memory and imaginaries. She is currently enrolled in the PhD of Social Work Program at York University.