"With each exchange, a seed is planted to explore and know more for all those involved, including Hawa. She is a life-long learner who never stops reflecting, questioning and moving forward." 

- Jennifer Reddy, Vancouver School Board Trustee


"Hawa’s knowledge and experience in anti-oppression work and community development is impressive. She creatively combines her depth of knowledge with her passion for sharing and teaching. She is a pleasure to collaborate with given her commitment to her values and her willingness to understand other perspectives. All this and she has a wonderful sense of humour that exemplifies her keen and astute intelligence. Spend some time with her and you will quickly find out why you should find a way for her to join your organization." 

- Ian Curtin, Project Director, Inner Activist


“Hawa's extensive relationships with community organizations, foundations, and other service providers and stakeholders have ensured that the work she engages with is collaborative, relevant and draws together a wide cross-section of people. Hawa is an innovative thinker and her ideas for research and knowledge expansion are extraordinary. She not only visions big, she also has the tools to make those visions a reality.”

- Bruce Passmore, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Executive Director


"I’ve had the honour of seeing Hawa engaging communities throughout BC over the past 10 years. She has a solid anti-oppression analysis and a strong background in facilitating meaningful dialogue and action." 

- Romi Chandra Herbert, PeerNet BC


“Hawa has a visionary mind and effective systemic policy approach to community-based action. She carries exceptional understanding of “the way things work” and how to make practical change that improves peoples’ lives and voices. She is gifted at policy analysis and development. On top of that, Hawa has a wealth of experience in community-based non-profit service delivery from a human rights, equity, and inclusion framework and policy change programming. She is a well-known leader who excels at directing clear, focussed action.” 

- Andrea Gunraj, Vice President, Public Engagement, Canadian Women's Foundation